Abstract submission

Presentation Title

Presenter & Author, 2nd author, 3rd author…

Affiliation presenter & author.

Affiliation of 2nd author (if different).

Affiliation of 3rd author (if different)…

E-mails (optional)

In order to simplify and ameliorate the insertion on the congress booklet  of selected abstracts, it is asked to follow some rules. 

This document follows and presents abstract rules. It is then advised to use it for writing of abstracts.

Given that official language of the Evolutionary Biology Meeting at Marseilles is English, abstracts must also be written in English. Abstract length might be around one page (300-500 words, heading excluded).

Reminder for heading:

  • Title: Times New Roman, 14, bold, centered, underlined

  • Presenter & author, other authors: Times New Roman, 12, bold, left, presenter & author underlined.

  • Affiliation: Times New Roman, 12, normal.

  • E-mails (optional): Times New Roman, 12, blue, underlined

Abstract should be  send to


Aix-Marseille Université

3 place Victor Hugo – case 19

13331 Marseille Cedex 03