13th Evolutionary Biology Meeting at Marseilles

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Mardi, 13 Janvier 2009 08:54
13th Evolutionary Biology Meeting at Marseilles
Pre Program

September 22nd

08h30 – 09h30 :
Registration, posters installation and welcome coffee

09h30 – 9h45:


Chairman: Michael Stich

09h45 – 10h10:
Uncoupling proteins: past history and particular evolution in birds. Does it help to understand their biological roles?
François Criscuolo

10h10 – 10h35:
Large-scale evaluation of evolutionary rates of duplications in the genome of Aphids
Morgane Ollivier

10h35 – 11h00:
Advanced methods of viral variation analysis and representation of large virus sequence datasets
Tatiana Tatusova

11h00 – 11h30:
Coffee break, posters viewing

11h30 – 11h55:
Compositional Pattern Producing Networks: Abstracting Local Interaction and Growth Out of Development
Kenneth O. Stanley

11h55 – 12h20:
Flowering Locus T (FT) and Constants (CO) homologs in Chenopodium rubrum – their expression and function
Helena Storchova

12h20 – 12h40:
Posters presented

12h40 – 14h05:



14h05 – 14h30:
Molecular discoveries at the root of the eutherian tree: Homoplasy, hemiplasy and ancestral states in the phylogenetic reconstructions of mammalian karyotypes
Terence J. Robinson

14h30 – 14h55:
The genomic puzzle of mammalian evolutionary breakpoints: can we track any trend?
Aurora Ruiz-Herrera

14h55 – 15h20:
Precise detection of rearrangement breakpoints in mammalian chromosomes
Claire Lemaitre

15h20 – 15h45:
Evolution of terminal chromosome regions in shrews
Natalya Zhdanova

15h45 – 16h10:
Posters presented

16h10 – 17h05:
Coffee break, posters viewing

17h05h – 17h30:
Associations between Transposable Elements and genes in the transcriptome of plants
Marie-Angèle Grandbastien

17h30 – 17h55:
Comparative analysis of metabolic networks between different life-style bacteria
Ludovic Cottret

17h55 – 18h20:
Evolutionary diversity of eukaryotic PPP protein Ser/Thr phosphatises
Alexandra V. Andreeva and Mikhail A. Kutuzov

18h20 – 18h45:
Tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) in naturally exposed monkey (Macaca sylvanus)
Jochen Süss

September 23rd


Chairman: Daniel Frias

09h00 – 09h25:
Fish genomics reveal receptors missing in human genome
Nancy Sherwood

09h25 – 09h50:
metaTIGER: metabolic network evolution and horizontal gene transfer in unicellular eukaryotes
David Westhead

09h50 – 10h15:
Evolutionary origin of Hyperplastic Discs and Lethal(2) Giant Larvae tumor-suppressor proteins
Leonid Omelyanchuk

10h15 – 10h45:
Posters presented

10H45 – 11h15:
Coffee break, posters viewing

11h15 – 11h40:
Evolutionary development of protein kinase-mediated pathways
Diego Miranda-Saavedra

11h40 – 12h05:
Genomics of male killing Wolbachi
Anne Duplouy

12h05 – 12h30:
EKC/KEOPS: a very conserved but enigmatic multiprotein protein complex involved in teleomere regulation and transcription
Herman van Tilbeurgh

12h30 – 14h00:

Comparative Genomic and Post Genomic

Chairman: Esperanza Martinez-Romero

14h00 – 14h25:
Comparative genomic tools: SNPippets into Suiforme evolution
Lawrence B. Schook

14h25 – 14h50:
Long Conserved Noncoding Sequences (LCNS) in Vertebrates
Yoichi Gondo

14h50 – 15h15:
Quantitative analysis of the transcription network controlling early embryo development in Drosophila and how it changes between species
Mark Biggin

15h15 – 15h40:
Phylogeny-dependent intron-loss evolution of hatching enzyme genes in Teleostei
Mari Kawaguchi


Chairman: Yoichi Gondo

15h40 – 16h05:
The molecular basis for incipient speciation during starvation
Eugene Kroll

16h05 – 16h30:
Fish need pairs of old SOX, dating back from theTeleost Specific Whole Genome Duplication
Frédéric Brunet

16h30 – 17h30:
Coffee break, posters viewing

17h30 – 17h55:
Contra in the Adaptative Code hypothesis: a neutral origin for error minimization in the genetic code
Steven Massey

17h55 – 18h20:
Cross-species de novo identification of cis-regulatory modules with GibbsModule: Application to gene regulation in embryonic stem cells
Sheng Zhong

18h20 – 18h40:
Poster presented

September 24th


Chairman: Diego Miranda

09h00 – 09h25:
Evolutionary universals and the nature of genome evolution
Eugene Koonin

09h25 – 09h50:
Omissions in the Synthetic Theory of Evolution
Daniel Frias

09h50 – 10h15:
Money Matters: The positive effect of male wealth for (proxies of) reproductive success across human societies
Thomas Pollet

10h15 – 10h40:
Opportunities for the evolution of asexual organisms
Elvira Höerandl

10H40 – 11h15:
Coffee break, posters viewing

11h15 – 11h40:
Properties of evolving molecular quasispecies
Michael Stich

11h40 – 12h05:
Mutation bias towards adenine and thymine favors protein folding stability in the evolution of small populations
Markus Porto

12h05 – 12h30:
New frontiers in Gene Regulatory Evolution
Albert Erives

12h30 – 12h55:
The spandrel-LDL theory
Patrick J. Babin

12h55 – 14h25:


Chairman: Eugene Koonin

14h25 – 14h50:
The origin of the bilaterian Hox patterning system. Hox complement, organization and expression in the acoel flatworm Symsagittifera roscoffensis
Pedro Martinez

14h50 – 15h15:
Different evolutionary histories of symbiotic genes and rhizobial chromosomes, implications for legume evolution and specificity
Esperanza Martinez-Romero

15h15 – 15h40:
Vibrational sounding in cryptine wasps (Ichneumonidae: Cryptinae)
Nina Laurenne

15h40 – 16h05:
Evolution of behaviour and morphology based on molecular phylogenetics of Neotropical sheath-tailed bats
Burton K. Lim

16h05 – 16h30
Modular Evolution of Genes and Proteins
Erich Bornberg-Bauer

16h30 – 17h30:
Coffee break, posters viewing

17h30 – 17h55:
Evolution of dorsal-ventral patterning in closely related Drosophila species
Claudia Mizutani

17h55 – 18h20:
Context and Consequences of Reptilian Sex-Determining Mechanisms
Daniel E. Janes

18h20 – 18h45:
Convergent evolution or morphogenetic processes in fungi: the case of the ascospore germination versus the appressorium-mediated plant penetration
Philippe Silar

25th September,


Chairman: Aurora Ruiz-Hererra

09h00 – 09h25:
Evolution of a Novel Insect Organelle from a DNA Virus: A Recent Case of Symbiogenesis
Brian A. Frederici

09h25 – 09h50:
Evolution of floral symmetry in Papaveraceae: genetic and developmental aspects
Catherine Damerval

09h50 – 10h15:
How Darwinian selection affects phenotypic fluctuation
Tetsuya Yomo

10H15 – 11h00:
Coffee break, posters viewing

11h00 – 11h25:
Conflicting Evolutionary Histories of a Song Sparrow Ring in Western North America
Michael Patten

11h25 – 11h50:
Use of genomic distances based on MUMs and spaced seeds to highlight the notion of species and genera in bacteria
Marie-Agnès Petit

11h50 – 12h15:
Extracting phylogenetic signal in morphometric data to complete molecular phylogenies: a case study on Harttiini (Siluriformes, Loricariidae) from the Guianas
Raphaël Covain

12h15 – 14h00:


Chaiman: Pedro Martinez

14h00 – 14h25:
Phylogenetic comparative analysis of microsporogenesis in angiosperms with a focus on the monocots
Sophie Nadot

14h25 – 14h50:
Genetic diversity of Parasalmo (O.) mykiss from Kol river (West Kamchatka) and there relationships with other mykiss populations
Marina Melnikova

14h50 – 15h15:
Cave bear genomics in the Chauvet-Pont d’Arc Cave
Céline Bon

15h15 – 15h40:
Relation of Pleurocapsa cuprea Hansgirg to the genus Hildenbrandia (Rhodophyta)
Lanka Caisova

15h40 – 16h40:
Coffee break, posters viewing


Chairman: Terrence Robinson

16H40 – 17h05:
Diversification and adaptative sequence evolution of Caenorhabditis lysozymes
Claudia Boehnisch

17h05 – 17h30:
Ecological consequences of color polymorphism
Anders Forsman

17h30 – 17h55:
Health condition and genetic differentiation level of beech in the Siewierz Forest District assessed with cpDNA markers
Justyna Nowakowska

17h55 – 18h20
Homology modelling of protein–protein complexes: a simple method and its possibilities and limitations
Guillaume Launay


Discovery of a Large Repertoire of Prions in Yeast: A System for Heritable Phenotypic Diversity
Randal Halfmann

Evolution of the mechanism of egg envelope digestion by fish hatching enzyme
Kaori Sano

Microevolution precesses in smal brown trout (Salmo trutta L.) populations of three forest stream of White Sea, Northern Russia
Ekatarina Ponomareva

Influence Function for Robust Phylogenetic Reconstructions
Mahendra Mariadassou

Comparative genomic analysis of the core-TFIIH
Florence Bedez

Evolutionary plasticity at cancer breakpoints in a microcell hybrid based model system
Stefan Imreh

Rapidadaptation in subdivided populations of the polymorphic land snail Cepaea nemoralis

Malgorzata Ozgo

A Fuzzy Approach for the Study of Functional and Structural Features of the Yeast Genome
Francisco Javier Lopez

Assessment of age and greenness of herbarium specimens as predictors for successful extraction and amplification of DNA
Roy H. J. Erkens

Human/ mouse microcell hybrid derived SCID tumors converge in selecting double minute like centric-fragments with a 3 Mbp common amplified region (CAR) at 3q27 FRA3C
Anna Szeles

Evolution of transposable elements during allopolyploid formation in Nicotiana
Corinne Mhiri

Comparative genomics of lactation
Christophe Lefèvre

The evolutionary dynamics of the Helena retrotransposon revealed by sequenced Drosophila genomes
Claudia Carareto

Distribution of evolutionary breakpoint regions in the human genome and their association with tandem repeats
Marta Farré

Analysis of the Molecular Phylogeny and Venom Apparatus Occurrence in the Terebridae
Mandë Holford

Comparative Genomics and Transcriptomics Analysis for the Evolution and Diversification of Molluscan Eye
Atsushi Ogura

Genepython a novel package for gene annotation
Sohan Modak

The photosymbiotic acoel Symsagittifera roscoffensis and its algal symbiont
Xavier Bailly


Influence of growth variation on the immunity system and oxidative stress
Sylvie Massemin

Sympatric speciation in congeneric Neotropical species of Tephritinae (Diptera: Tephritidae)
Daniel Frias

Hatching enzyme of ovoviviparous black rockfish Sebastes schlegelii: environmental adaptation of hatching enzyme and evolutionary aspects of formation of pseudogene
Shigeri Yusumasu

PhyloPattern: regular expressions to identify complex patterns in phylogenetic trees
Philippe Gouret

Phylogenetic relationship among putative ancestors of red clover (Trifolium pratense L.) revealed by AFLP markers
Jakub Dzienkiewicz

Automation of the study of lineage-specific gene loss and pseudogenisation
Jacques Dainat

Hybridization and introgression in wild diploid potato species: role in evolution and implications on the species concept
Elisa L. Camadro

Automatic detection and definition of event between proteins domain’s by using phylogenetic information
Julien Paganini

Comparative mitochondrial genomics of freshwater mussels (Bivalvia: Unionoida): Are unassigned regions responsible for developmental control of the doubly uniparental inheritance of mitochondrial DNA?
Donald T. Stewart

Evolution of rock black meristematic fungi under extreme conditions
Laura Selbmann

Darwin among the cells: Chromatin structure, mutation and cancer
Colin A. M. Semple

Evolutionary and biochemical studies of a new laccase from the industrial fungus T. reesei.
Anthony Levasseur

Plant endemism and evolution in Numidia (North Africa)

Phylogenetic and evolutionary analysis of animal sialyltransferases
Daniel Petit

The significance of secondary struicture domains of polypeptides.in molecular phylogeny
Sohan Modak

Do hydrothermal crabs (Bythograeidae) display specific defence proteins? Case of Metallothioneins and Manganese SuperOxide Dismutase
Vincent Leignel

Global phylogeographic diversity of two bovidae parasites (Haemonchus contortus and H. placei : Nematoda, Trichonstrongylidae) : molecular analyses of mitochondrial (ND4) and ribosomal (ITS2) DNA fragments
Vincent Leignel

First identification of Heat-Shock Protein-70 kDa genes in Vestimentiferans (Pogonophora): sequence analysis and comparison with the Hsp70 isolated in Annelida and Echiura species
Vincent Leignel

Variations of Sialyltransferase ST6Gal2 gene regulation in Mammals
Jean-Michel Petit

A quest for unique Mangalica markers with the aid of NGS
Attila Zsolnai

The origin of the heteromorphic sex chromosome revealed by FISH assay with the chromosome end-specific satellite DNA and its border as probes in the dioecious plant, Silene latifolia
Kotaro Ishii

Evola: Comprehensive ortholog catalogue of whole human transcriptome and duplicate gene families
Tadashi Imanishi

Comparative genomics of Rickettsia and Orientia species Ancestral genome reconstruction
Kalliopi Georgiades

Higher occurrence of animal hybridization and introgression in freshwater or brackish waters than in strictly marine environments
short ‘running title’: hybridization of animals in aquatic environments
Eric Faure

Origin and genomic consequences of loss of sexuality in plant-parasitic nematodes of the Meloidogyne genus
Etienne G.J. Danchin