14th Evolutionary Biology Meeting at Marseilles

Program 14th EBM

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Mercredi, 24 Mars 2010 09:33


September 21st

8:30-9:30 am
Registration, posters installation and welcome coffee

9:30-9:45 am
Comparative genomic and post genomic
Chairman: Tsuyochi Hachiya

9h:45 10:10 am
Transposable elements in a marginal population of Aegilops speltoides: temporal fluctuations provide new insights into genome evolution of wild diploid wheat
Alexander Belyayev Olga Raskina

10:10 10:35 am
Remarkable abundance and diversity of group II mobile introns in Wolbachia bacterial endosymbionts: evolutionary dynamics and genomic impact
Sebastien Leclerq

10:35 11:00 am
Genome project of the bdelloid rotifer species Adineta vaga
Karine van Doninck

11:00 11:30 am
Coffee break, posters viewing

11:30 11:55 am
Evolution of specificity in membrane trafficking by Rab proteins
Mark Field

11:55 12:20 am
Determination and inference of transcription factor DNA sequence specificities across eukarya
Tim Hughes

12:20 12:45 am
Evolutionary history of the mitochondrial outer membrane channels of a predicted beta-barrel topology
Marcin Jąkalski

12:40 2:15 pm
Comparative genomic and post genomic
Chairman: Michael Ruse

14:15 14:40 pm
Evolution of the Oxidative Phosphorylation pathway in fungi
Marina Marcet-Huben

2:40 3:05 pm
Analysis of the degenerate motifs in promoters of miRNA genes, expressed in different tissues of mammalians
Oleg Vishnevsky

3:05 3:30 pm
Evolutionary reconstruction of the retromer complex and its function in Trypanosoma brucei
Lila Koumandou

3:30 3:50 pm
Posters with fast presentation
PP1; PP2; PP3

3:50 4:50 pm
Coffee break, posters viewing

4:50 5:15 pm
Phylogenetic Significance of Amino Acid sequences relevant to Protein Conformation
Sohan Modak

5:15 5:40 pm
Insights into evolutionary history of animal sialyltransferases
Daniel Petit

5:40 6:05 pm
Phylogenetic analysis of the eukaryotic RNA (cytosine-5)-methyltransferases
Athasasia Pavlopoulos

6:05 6:30
AA Maximum Parsimony-Like Algorithm Over a Phylogenetic Tree with Variable Branch Lengths
Petar Konovski

September 22nd

8:30 9:00 am
Morning coffee
Concept and modeling
Chairman: Georgy Shenbrot

9:00 9:25 am
Is Darwinism past its “Sell By” Date?
Michael Ruse

9:25 09:50 am
Evolution of Self-Fertile Hermaphrodites
Ronald E Ellis

09:50 09:15 am
Why is mortality risk so high at the beginning of life?
Dan Levitis

10:15 10:40 pm
Microevolution of tumours: Cycling polyploidy is coupled to cycling increase and correction of the chromosome instability
Ekaterina Erenpreisa

10:40 11:15 pm
Coffee break, posters wieving

11:15 11:40 pm
Conflicting selection on diaspore traits limits the evolutionary potential of seed dispersal by ants.
Antonio Manzaneda

11:40 12:05
Stochastic Processes Driving Directional Evolution
Sean Rice

12:05 12:30
Classification of life by the mechanism of genome size evolution and genetic code evolution
Jian Li

12:30 2:00 pm
Concept and modeling
Chairman: Brigitte Galliot

2:00 2:25 pm
Site-specific self-catalyzed DNA depurination, the basis of a spontaneous mutagenic mechanism of wide evolutionary significance
Jacques Fresco

2:25 2:50 pm
Computer System for Analysis of Molecular Evolution Modes of protein families: relation of molecular evolution with the phenotypical features of organisms
Konstantin Gunbin

2:50 3:15 pm
Mutation accumulation may be a minor force in shaping life history traits
Maceij Danko

3:15 3:40 pm
Method and Software Tools for Gene Networks Evolution Research
Vladimir Timonov

3:40 4:05
Evolutionary constraint on DNA shape in the human genome
Tom Tullius

4:05 4:50 pm
Coffee break, poster viewing

4:50 5:15 pm
Accurate Identification of Orthologous Segments among Multiple Genomes
Tsoyoshi Hachiya

5:15 5:40 pm
Evolution of beneficial symbioses: a coordinated improvement of ecological efficiency, genotypic specificity and functional integrity in the plant-bacterial systems
Nikolai Provorov

5:40 6:05 pm
BOOL-AN: A novel method for classification and studying functional or evolutionary relationships
Éena Jakó

6:05 6:30 pm
Exploring the Differences in Evolutionary Rates between Monogenic and Polygenic Disease Genes in Human
Tapash Ghosh

September 23rd

8:30 9:00 am
Morning coffee

9:00 9:25 am
Origins of neurogenesis, what where the key actors?
Brigitte Galliot
Biodiversity and systematics
Chairman: Michel Laurin

9:25 9:50 am
Geographic variation and evolution of habitat niche inferred from species distributional data
Georgy Shenbrot

9:50 10:15 am
Surfing snails: Genetic variation of land snail Ventridens ligera (Stylommatophora: Zonitidae) populations in the Potomac River Basin
Colleen Sinclair Winters

10:15 10:40 am
The freshwater colonization history of Salaria fluviatilis.
Martin Laporte

10:40 11:05 am
Posters with fast presentation
PP4; PP5; PP6; PP7

11:05 11:35 am
Coffee break, posters viewing

11:35 12:00 am
Phylogeography of the common vampire bat (Desmodus rotundus): Marked population structure, Neotropical Pleistocene vicariance and incongruence between nuclear and mtDNA markers
Felipe de Mellos Martins

12:00 12:25 am
Ancient DNA contribution to the hypothesis of the Iberian Peninsula as a center for horse domestication
Jaime Lira

12:25 12:50 am
Phylogenetic relationships in the genus Rosa as inferred from chloroplast and nuclear markers.
Marie Fougère-Danezan

12:50 2:10 pm
Biodiversity and systematics
Chairman: Giuliana Parieni

2:10 2:30 pm
Posters with fast presentation
PP8; PP9; PP10

2:30 2:55 pm
Consequences of genetic erosion on fitness and phenotypic plasticity in European tree frog populations (Hyla arborea)
Emilien Luquet

2:55 3:20 pm
Posters with fast presentation
PP11; PP12; PP13; PP14

3:20 4:20 pm
Coffee Break, posters viewing

4:20 4:45 pm
Phylogenetic relationship and transcription pattern of various mitochondrial gene copies co-existing in heteroplasmic individuals of a gynodioecious plant Silene vulgaris
Helena Štorchová

4:45 5:10 pm
Human aspects of crop evolutionary dynamics: a case of rice in West Africa
Edwin Nuijten

5:10 5:35 pm
Effects of historic reduction and recent expansion on genetic variation and structure in an ungulate population
Hallvard Haanes

5:35 6:00 pm
Speciation and phylogeography of three rock-dwelling small mammals (Micaelamys namaquensis (Rodentia: Muridae), Procavia capensis and Heterohyrax brucei (Hyracoidea: Procaviidae) from southern Africa.
Kgaogelo Amanda Maswanganye

September 24th

8:30 9:00 am
Morning coffee

Environment and biological evolution
Chairman: Jose Antonio Gamez Vintaned

9:00 9:25 am
A natural adaptation involving thermoregulated flowering may lead to species extinction with a 3°C global warming
Rod King

9:25 9:50 am
Is host specificity the cause or the consequence of parasite diversification: lessons from the population genetics of lice and helminths
Jan Stefka

9:50 10:15 am
Host Race Formation In Flower-Head Infesting Tephritids In Lebanon
Khouzama Knio

10:15 10:40 am
Gene expression profiling under different light conditions in the seagrass Posidonia oceanica (L.) Delile by SSH analysis.
Gabriele Procaccini

10:40 11:10 am
Coffee break, posters viewing

11:10 11:35 am
E unibus plurum: Evolution of biodiversity in a simple constant environment
Frank Rosenzweig

11:35 12:00 am
Evolution of land plant development and its integration with the environment
Benoît Menand

12:00 12:25 am
Environmental temperature alters costs and benefits of reproduction in female red flour beetles
Vera Gräzer

12:25 2:00 pm

Macro evolution
Chairman: Jerzy Jurka

2:00 2:25 pm
Neurophylogeny – Retracing early metazoan brain evolution
Rudi Losel

2:25 2:50 pm
Evolution of ontogenetic allometry shaping giant species: a case study from the damselfish genus Dascyllus (Pomacentridae)
Bruno Frederich

2:50 3:15 pm
Sticking to trees: structural protein evolution in anuran toe pads
Wim Vandebergh

3:15 4:15 pm
Coffee break, posters viewing

4:15 4:40 pm
Use of paleontological data in comparative and paleobiological analyses : a few recent developments
Michel Laurin

4:40 5:05 pm
Preliminary insight in the larval nervous system of the hydrozoan Clava multicornis (Forsskål, 1775)
Raineri Margherita

Posters with fast presentation

PP1 Genetic diversity among Polish landraces of common oat (Avena sativa L.)
Maja Boczkowska

PP2 Evolutionary dynamics of IS transposable elements in the genomes of Wolbachia endosymbiotic bacteria
Nicolas Cerveau

PP3 Genomic perspectives on the evolution and success of plant-parasitism in root-knot nematodes.
Etienne G.J. Danchin

PP4 Exploring laccase-like multicopper oxidase genes from the ascomycete Trichoderma reesei: a functional, phylogenetic and evolutionary study
Anthony Levasseur

PP5 Phylogenetic Relationships of Wild and Cultivated Peas as Inferred from His5 Gene Sequences
Olga Zaytseva

PP6 Investigating the intraspecific biodiversity of the threatened rodent Leopoldamys neilli in Southeast Asia
Alice Latinne

PP7 Lineage-specific orthologous gene loss and pseudogenisation, automated analysis in Metazoans
Jacques Dainat

PP8 Intraspecific variability in the parasitoid Trichogramma chilonis: assessing the role of hybridization in the framework of a biological control program
Chiara Benvenuto

PP9 How endomembrane-system mediated protein targeting into primary plastids could have evolved?
Przemyslaw Gagat

PP10 Asymptotic sampling formulae for exchangeable coalescents
Vlada Limic

PP11 New efficient and standardized methodology based on 454 technology for an easy and fast identification of microsatellites
Stéphanie Ferreira

PP12 Evolution of amino acid recycling in the purine degradation pathway
Riccardo Percudania

PP13 Factors driving endemism of an annual Mediterranean plant species
Alex Baumel

PP14 A new Cambrian lobopod-bearing animal (Murero, NE Spain) and the problem of the ecdysozoan early diversification
José Antonio Gamez Vintaned


P15 Insights into evolutionary history of animal sialyltransferases
Anne Harduin-Lepers

P16 Fine delineated comparative genome mapping between Indian muntjac and human by cross-species BAC-FISH
C.C. Lin

P17 Comparative karyotyping among Taiwan indigenous deers by G-banding and cross-species zoo-FISH
Yueh-Chun Li

P18 Long history and Quaternary-range dynamics in the genus Myrtus around and beyond the Mediterranean basin
Alex Baumel

P19 Role of processed pseudogenes in the microevolution of tumours
Dmitrijs Perminov

P20 Evolution of female sexual behaviour in D. melanogaster subgroup species through male Seminal Fluid Proteins (Sfps)
Gaëlle Claisse

P21 Phylogeography of the wild boar (Sus scrofa) in Southern Italy
Giovanni Scopece

P22 Microbial dynamics and diversity in marine microcosms studied by the use of quantum dots and fluorescent molecules
Ioan Ardelean

P23 Origin and evolution of LINE-1 derived “half-L1” retrotransposons (HAL1)
Jerzy Jurka

P24 Increased predation risk on mothers affects offspring’s trade-off between predation and parasite defence
Michael Coslovsky

P25 Differential behavior of spermatid mitochondria follows the branching of Trichoptera and Lepidoptera from their common ancestor
Michael Friedlander

P26 Preliminary insight in the larval nervous system of the hydrozoan Clava multicornis (Forsskål, 1775)
Raineri Margherita

P27 Molecular Diversification Between Environmental and Clinical Vibrio cholerae: Role of Natural Selection in the Emergence of Pandemic Strains
Nina M. Talyzina

P28 An integrative approach to the study of microevolution in Ciona intestinalis (Ascidiacea, Tunicata)
Ornella Affinito

P29 Do we need the concept of « fitness »?
Péter Takács

P30 Did trypanosomatid parasites contain a plastid in their evolutionary past?
Przemyslaw Gagat

P31 Quick highlight of gene loss and horizontal gene transfer events from orthologous groups
Thi-Phuong Le

P32 Trade-offs between horn expression and other morphological traits developmental in two polyphenic species of the genus Onthophagus
(Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae)
Astrid Pizzo

P33 Origin and diversification of mammalian retroelement-derived neogenes
Janez Kokošar

P34 Within clutch variation in yolk testosterone and offspring phenotype: an experimental study in the great tit
Katarzyna Podlas

P35 Search for architecture’s convergence as strategy to identify domain functions
Dorra Louati

P36 Whole genome evaluation of horizontal transfers for the pathogenic fungus Aspergillus fumigatus
Ludovic Mallet

P37 Genetic diversity of Cenchrus ciliaris L. (Poaceae) in degraded area in Tunisia
Amina Kharrat Souissi

P38 What herbivores animals could not eat; the regulation of flowering and stem growth by specific gibberellins in grasses
Rod W King

P39 Intracellular targeting of mammalian peroxiredoxin 5: when evolution leads to variable subcellular localizations of an antioxidant enzyme
Valérie Van der Eecken

P40 A molecular phylogenetic study on the origin of the narrow endemic Astragalus peterfii Jáv. revealed extensive reticulation in Astragalus section Dissitiflori
László Bartha

P41 Improved rate of multiplication of the artichoke « cynara scolymus l. » by in vitro culture
Rachida El Boullani

P42 A software way to evolution understanding
Philippe Gouret

P43 A comparison of likelihood approaches of ancestral character state reconstruction
Manuela Royer-Carenzi