First accepted abstracts

Anne-Ruxandra Carvunis: Predicting the evolution of novel genes

Susanne Lachmuth: Enemy release mitigates inbreeding depression in native and invasive Silene latifolia populations: experimental insight into the role of inbreeding x environment interactions for the success and evolution of invaders

Daniel Wall: Direct visualization of kin recognition and discriminating toxin transfer by a dynamic polymorphic cell surface receptor in a social microbe

Andrei N. Lupas: On the origin of folded proteins

Pedro Martinez: The origin of animal brains. The enigmatic xenacoelomorphs as a study case

Frances Calafell: The parallel lives of Y-chromosome lineages across the Gibraltar Straits

Thomas Becking: Impact of feminizing Wolbachia endosymbionts on the evolution of a male heterogametic system of sex chromosome

David Louis Adelson: Divergent Genome Evolution Caused by Regional DNA Gain and Loss in Mammals is Accompanied by Similar Evolutionary Trajectories of Retrotransposon Accumulation

Maria Assunta Biscotti: The lungfish transcriptome: a glimpse into molecular evolution events at the transition from water to land

Michael Hiller: The importance of cis-regulatory divergence for morphological evolution

Conrad C. Labandeira: The Great Terrestrial Diversification: The Expansion of Plant–Arthropod Interactions Following the Permo-Triassic Ecologic Crisis

Jungnam Cho and Jerzy Paszkowski : Domestication of transposable elements to RNA decoys in rice

Marie-Noëlle Rosso: Evolutionary history and function of glycoside hydrolases GH131 related to plant tissue colonisation in Dikarya, Fungi, and Oomycetes

Katherine Buckley: Evolutionary conservation and divergence in the gut-associated immune response of an invertebrate deuterostome

Morgan Gueuning, Nadir Alvarez: Elevation in tropical sky islands as the common driver in structuring genes and communities of freshwater organisms

Kunio Kawamura: Formation of oligonucleotides and oligopeptides under hydrothermal environments with minerals evaluated using hydrothermal microflow reactor systems

Jian Lu: Linkage of A-to-I RNA Editing in Metazoans and the Impact on Genome Evolution

Andrey Ostrovsky: matrotrophy in invertebrates: distribution, structure, evolution

Kotaro Kagawa: Roles of hybridization in adaptive radiation: insights from a simulation study

Marius Bredon: Lignocellulose degradation across the woodlice holobionts

Alberto Vicens: Selective pressures on cancer genes along the mammalian phylogeny

Fogelholm, Jesper: CREBBP and WDR24 Affects Quantitative Variation in Red Coloration in the Chicken

Kunio Kawamura: Two-gene hypothesis for the emergence of life-like system from a simple chemical evolution network of RNA molecules