meeting Philosophy

Here is the philosophy of the EBM.

I was talking to a colleague who is interested in the evolution of immune systems, particularly the adaptive immune system in vertebrates. In my opinion, evolution is a universal process and each case can be better understood in a more general context. Let us take the example of the transposome RAG (tranposase RAG, TIR, system of repair ..) and the process of cooption of the tranpososme RAG which allowed my establishment of the system of somatic rearrangement V(D)J of the immunoglobulins and the T cell receptors this cooption process is better understood if we understand the biology of transposomes in general, and if we take into account that this process of co option (DDE transposon that evolves as specific endonulease involved in the programmed developmental rearrangement) is a process that has occurred several times during the evolution of the species : for example, yeast mating type switching and macro / micronucleus transformations in ciliates. This scientific vision is the essence of the Evolutionart Biology Meeting « at » Marseilles In fact, even if the themes presented are different , synergies can occur and the understanding of seemingly different biological systems provides a better understanding of the biological system being studied.