12th Evolutionary Biology Meeting at Marseilles

Program 12th EBM
08h00 – 09h00:

Registration, posters installation and welcome coffee

09h00 – 09h10:



Chairman: Tomislav Domazet-Loso

09h10 – 09h35:

Accross-species variation in protein surface properties

Xavier de la Cruz

09h35 – 10h00 :

Genomic phylostratigraphy: a novel approach in macroevolutionary studies

Tomislav Domazet-Loso

10h00 – 10h25:

Nearly-neutral dynamics: when is selection not selective?

Daniel John Lawson

10h25 – 10h50:

Low Duplicability and Network Fragility of Cancer Genes

Francesca D. Ciccarelli

10h50 – 11h20:

Coffee break and Poster viewing

11h20 – 11h45:

Framework for a comparative data analysis ontology (ODAO)

Francisco Prosdocimi

11h45 – 12h10:

Interacting Gene Clusters and the Evolution of the Vertebrate Immune System

Takashi Makino

12h10 – 12h35:

Speciation through spatial self-organization of the gene pool

Guy A. Hoelzer

12h35 – 13h00:

The Evolutionary Constraints in Mutational Replacements

Branko Borštnik

13h00 – 14h30 :

Lunch at meeting center


Chairman: Anne Chenuil-Maurel

14h30 – 14h55 :

Galaxies and Cladistics

Didier Fraix-Burnet

14h55 – 15h20:

Modelling the relation between kinship and fertility

Stanislaw Cebrat

15h20 – 16h00:

Fast presentation: PP1, PP2, PP3, PP4, PP5, PP6, PP7

16h00 – 16h45:

Coffee break and Poster viewing

16h45 – 17h10:

Evolution of biological networks under duplication-divergence processes

Hervé Isambert

17h10 – 17h35:

Ecological Genomics of soil nematode community responses: model and non-model approaches

Michael A. Herman

17h35 – 18h00:

Accident and necessity in the quest to make economics a scientific discipline

Michael Turk


Dinner at Vieux Port

September 25th

08h30 – 09h00:

Morning coffee


Chairman: Don Stewart

09h00 – 09h25:

Investigating the population structure of Hepatitis B virus

Camille Szmaragd

09h25 – 09h50:

Fossil Evidence of Early Angiosperms

Xin Wang

09h50 – 10h15:

Verhuellia, from forgotten taxon to a missing link in the evolution of the family Piperaceae

Marie-Stéphanie Samain

10h15 – 10h40:

Gymnophionan: a turning-point in vertebrate evolution?

Jean-Marie Exbrayat

10h40 – 11h10

Coffee break and Poster viewing

11h10 – 11h35

Fast presentations: PP8, PP9, PP10, PP11


Chairman: Camille Szmaragd

11h35 – 12h00:

Water: from the nonenzymatic phosphorylation of nucleosides to the nonenzymatic ligation of oligonucleotides

Ernesto Di Mauro

12h00 – 12h25:

Life Origination Hydrate Hypothesis (LOH-Hypothesis)

Victor E. Ostrovskii

12h25 – 12h50:

Minimal Cell Model to Understand Origin of Life and Evolution

Tadashi Sugawara

12h50 – 14h20:

Lunch at meeting center


Chairman: Josephine Adams

14h20 – 14h45:

Holocene abrupt climate change: links to human evolution

Alison J. Smith

14h45 – 15h10:

Effect of pollen availability and climate on female reproductive success of a conifer tree, Abies alba Mill

Gwendal Restoux


Chairman: Lior David

15h10 – 15h35:

Reconstraction of ancestral forms and the evolutionary history of fish galectins reveal their rapid adaptive evolution process

Tomohisa Ogawa

15h35 – 16h00:

Genetic robustness can drive sympatric speciation

Niclas Norrström

16h00 – 16h25:

Comparative evolutionary histories of the fungal chitinase gene family reveal non-random size expansions and contractions due to adaptive natural selection

Magnus Karlsson

16h25 – 17h10:

Coffee break and Poster viewing

17h10 – 17h35:

Molecular Co-evolution and the Three-dimensionality of Natural Selection

Mario A. Fares

17h35 – 18h00

The Red Tooth Hypothesis: Predator-prey relations and sexual reproduction

Robert French

18h00 – 18h25:

Population genetics of drought adaptation in wild tomatoes: the role of the Asr gene family

Létizia Camus-Kulandauvelu

18h25 – 18h50:

Positive selection in a nematode virulence factor presenting a B30.2 domain

Eric Grenier


Cocktail and Poster viewing

September 26th

08h30 – 09h00:

Welcome coffee


Chairman: Alison Smith

09h00 – 09h25:

Are there conserved longevity pathways?

Brian Kennedy

09h25 – 09h50:

Functional studies of mussel sperm: Implications for understanding doubly uniparental inheritance of mitochondrial DNA in bivalves

Don Stewart

09h50 – 10h15

The Evolution Of Developmental Signalling In The Social Amoebas

Pauline Schaap

10h15 – 10h40:

Metabolic evolution explains weakness of antioxidant defences in pancreatic beta-cells

Armin Rashidi

10h40 – 11h15

Coffee break, Poster Viewing

11h15 – 11h 45:

Fast presentation: PP12, PP13, PP14, PP15, PP16


Chairman: Jose Maria Eirin-Lopez

11h45 – 12h10:

Recent duplication of the common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.) genome implications for population structure and diversity analyses

Lior David

12h10 – 12h35:

The sperm proteins from amphioxus mirror its basal position among chordates and redefine the origin of vertebrate protamines

José M. Eirin-Lopez

12h35 – 13h00:

Protein subcellular relocalization (PSR)A mechanism for the evolution of new gene function

Ashley Byun McKay

13h00 – 14h30:

Lunch at meeting center

14h30 – 14h55:

Is there an analog of mammalian Zona Pellucida in moon jelly Aurelia aurita (Scyphozoa, Cnidaria)?

Leonid Adonin

14h55 – 15h20:

Long-term evolution og the Histone H2A Family Mediated by a Birth-and-Death Process

Rodrigo Gonzalez-Romero

15h20 – 15h45:

The Evolution of Thrombospondins and their context in Extracellular Matrix: Phylogenetic and Phylogenomic Studies

Josephine C. Adams

15h45 – 16h10:

Minimum contradictions matrices: a visualization tool to validate phylogenies

Marc Thuillard

16h10 – 16h45

Coffee break, Poster Viewing

16h45 – 17h10:

Plant parasitism in metazoans: insights from the meloidogyne incognita nematode genome
Etienne Danchin

17h10 – 17h35:

Evolutionary Genomics of CpG Islands in Primates

Claire Guillet

17h35 – 18h00:

Does hybridization increase evolutionary rates? Data from 28S rDNA D8 domain in echinoderms

Anne Chenuil


PP1: Quest for the pervasive definition of homology: insights from information theory and a mathematical model of sameness

Vedran Dunjko

PP2: Firts results on ecological and genetic divergence between the Mediterranean Myrtus communis L.and the Saharan Myrtus nivellei Batt. & Trab. (Myrtaceae)

Jérémy Migliore

PP3: Phylostratigraphic analysis of the Ciona intestinalis genome supports the origin of the urochordate sessile life style after the split from vertebrates

Martin Sebastijan Šestak

PP4: Phylostratigraphy of Caenorhabditis elegans genome reveals depletion of anatomy related mutant phenotypes among Nematoda specific genes

Robert Bakarić

PP5: Evolutionary analysis of Bombyx mori alpha-amylase from a local Thai strain silkworm

Lertluk Ngernsiri

PP6: Sexual selection, parental cooperation and brain size in shorebirds

Gabriel Ernesto García-Peña

PP7: New and old hobo transposable elements are distributed differently in the completely sequenced genome of Drosophila melanogaster

L.P. Zakharenko

PP8: Whole genome-based assessment of the taxonomic position of the arthropod pathogenic bacterium Rickettsiella grylli

Andreas Leclerque

PP9: Implication of Enzymatic Reactions in Capsule Revealed by Polymerase Chain Reaction in Giant Vesicle

Kentaro Suzuki

PP10: Ovipositor ultrastructure, oviposition behavior and fecundity of the cryptic and sympatric species, Trupanea nigricornis and T. bisetosa (Diptera: Tephritidae)

Khouzama Knio

PP11: Pervasive positive selection on duplicated and non duplicated vertebrate protein coding genes

Romain Studer

PP12: Near intron pairs (NIPs) and the phylogeny of holometabolic insects

Carina Eisenhardt

PP13: X chromosomes meiotic drive in Drosophilia simulans: a case of nonadaptive selective sweep induced by a two-locus selection

Héloïse Bastide

PP14: A Thirty Million Year-Old Inherited Heteroplasmy in Crustaceans

Vincent Doublet

PP15: Genetic diversity and Wolbachia infection status of Psyttalia lounsburyi (Hymenoptera, Braconidae), a specialist parasitoid of the olive fruit fly, Bactrocera oleae (Diptera Tephritidae)

Sandrine Cheyppe-Buchmann

PP16: FOLy: an integrated database for the classification and functional annotation of fungal oxideroductases potentially involved in the degradation of the lignin and related aromatic compounds

Anthony Levasseur


The origin of evolutionary innovations: locomotor consequences of tail shape in aquatic snakes

Fabien Aubret

A new Perspective for the Evolution of Multicellularity: A role for Cheaters as a Primordial Germ-line

Peter L. Meintjes

Evolution and expression of chimeric GusL genes in the human genome : a paradigm for hominoid-specific gene families ?

Nicolas Pantel

Evolution of asymmetry

Armin Rashidi

A trade-off between growth rate and predator escape response among divergent grayling (Thymallus thymallus) spawning demes.

Nicola J. Barson

From oviparity to viviparity : evolution of the female genital tract in gymnophionan amphibians

Raquet Michel

Patterns of differentiation in annual killifishes from South American basins: the role of vicariance and dispersal

Graciela García

Problem of using rpoC1, rpoB, matK and trnH-psbA plastid loci in barcoding of three wheat species

Zofia Bulińska-Radomska

Phylogenetic analysis of three Conserved Non coding Elements in vertebrates and cephalochordates

Kalliopi Georgiades

A preliminary genetic analysis of some Turkish horse breeds and implications for breed management studies

Özgür Aslan

Plant parasitism in metazoans: insights from the meloidogyne incognita nematode genome

Etienne Danchin

C.A.S.S.I.O.P.E.: Clever Agent System for Synteny Inheritance and Other Phenomena in Evolution

Virginie Lopez Rascol

Genetic analysis of natural populations of gilthead seabream, Sparus aurata, along Italian coast.

Paolo Franchini

Comparative and evolutive analysis of the ABC transporter repertories in the complete archaeal genomes

Bénédicte Wirth